8 Simple Exercises That Will Improve Your Health

Incorporating simple exercises into your daily life can be a great way for you to keep healthy and boost your health in a variety of ways. Smaller exercises are great as they can be done in a matter of minutes, and while they, ay not be as effective as a more intense workout, they can have benefits when done daily. It is understandable that you may be struggling with finding time to exercise within your busy life but to neglect it completely, you are putting yourself at risk of health issues as you get older.


Yoga is a prevalent form of exercise that focuses on stretching the body and training the muscles to work in accordance with each other to balance the body in a single position.

Yoga is very popular with those who are looking for a lighter form of exercise as it is not very strenuous and instead focuses on mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga can actually be very complex as you develop the moves and positions you can, which will also strengthen your body and overall fitness level.

Workout DVDs

Many people dislike the idea of using a workout DVD as they question its effectiveness; however, workout DVDs are perfect for those of you that struggle with putting together your own exercise routines as they come ready-made for you. It is important that if you are going to use an exercise DVD, you choose one that has been produced by someone you trust and that the eventual outcomes of the training are something that you would like to achieve. Most workout DVDs consist of multiple levels of smaller workouts that can be in small amounts of time to suit a busy lifestyle.

Bike Riding

Bike riding can be done in many ways to fit around any schedule, with many people combining the morning commute with working with their exercise regime by riding their bike to work. Bike riding is a relatively light exercise meaning that it can be done by many different people no matter their skill level. You could even take it further, and the next time you are away on holiday for a trip, why not try using a bike to get around? In some parts of the world, biking is even encouraged, and you can rent the best bikes in Haarlem at a very affordable price point.

Small Runs and Jogging

In the same respect that biking can be implemented into a busy lifestyle, you could even start walking or jogging to the places you already need to go to implement an exercise workout or any errands you are already going to do. This not only provides a light workout that can be done on a daily basis but also cuts down the amount of time you are spending driving your car and contributing to environmental pollution. The thing about doing this kind of exercise is that you are in complete control of your own workout.

Speed Walking

Speed walking is also a very popular form of light exercise that can be done in groups; walking groups are very popular with the older generation, and as well as the exercise element, they help provide a social opportunity to those who may not have many. Speed walking over long distances can be extremely helpful when it comes to getting fit and looking after your fitness, and if you are someone who has a good level of stamina, there is no reason why you cannot set yourself long-term goals of gradually increasing your distance.


High-intensity interval training may not sound simple, but the fact that it can be done within small amounts of time and still generate high levels of fitness results must be why it has become so popular. You can do these workouts yourself or in your local gym classes if you are unsure about what to do. The main thing about this type of exercise is that it is high intensity but done in small sessions to avoid overworking, meaning that it can be implemented into a busy lifestyle with ease due to it only taking a small amount of time to complete.

Exercise Machines

If you are looking for some form of light exercise that you can do with little interruption to your day-to-day life, then it would be a good idea to invest in some form of gym equipment for your home. If you have the space available in your home, you could save a lot of travel time by exercising in the comfort of your own home; treadmills or gym bikes are great investments for those of you that would like to have access to a small cardio workout without having to go out.


Weight lifting is often daunting for many people; it is a common misconception that lifting weights can only be done by bodybuilders or big gym buffs, when in fact, anyone can lift weights as long as you are sticking to their limits in terms of what you can comfortably hold and exercise with. If you would prefer to implement light weight lifting into your regime but don’t want to go to the gym to do so, you could pick up your own set of weights to be used alongside your yoga and DVD exercises which will be a great way to increase your skill level.

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