9 Training Tips for Women to Improve Your Soccer Skills

Soccer is a sport loved the world over. And in recent years more and more women have been leaving their mark on the great game. So below are some training tips for you to improve your game and stay fit and healthy.


This is great exercise within itself, on top of greatly improving your skills out on the pitch. It is rewarding physically and does wonders for your mental wellbeing as well.


Running exercise drills while in full kit and on the pitch is invaluable to improving your game. Not only will it help keep you fit, it will get you used to exercising in your kit and you’ll learn the pitch better. To make sure your kit is the best it can be, be sure to have a look on thisisamericansoccer for all your quality soccer equipment needs.

Core Exercises

The legs don’t do all the work when it comes to soccer. The core of the body is responsible for a lot of movement-based activity. And it’ll help you dive and slide a lot better too. Sit-ups, Press-Ups and crunches are ideal.


This is about watching what you eat, while still eating healthy and responsible. Don’t buy into fad diets. Look at increasing your calorie intake if you are muscle building and cutting out unnecessary sugars and fats.


Staying calm on the pitch is vital. You need to be able to keep your cool and focus on the game. Practising meditation can help you centre your mind and find peace while also calming yourself regularly.


Lifting weights targets the upper muscle groups but this in turn will improve your overall health and fitness which translates well onto the soccer pitch.


Going for a bike ride is fantastic fun and great exercise. Weather its on an actual bike or the bike machines at the gym, your legs will get a great workout along with your heart and respiratory system as well. All around fantastic exercise.


Nothing beats a good swim. Depending on your method, swimming can target different muscle groups and serves as fantastic full body exercise while increasing your stamina too, which is perfect for soccer.


Playing soccer can only improve your skills so much. To become great you need to study the sport. Watch past games and read through theory books to get a better handle on the sport.

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