Can Fried Food Actually Be Good for You?

In the world of healthy eating, opinions on what is and isn’t healthy to eat change on an almost yearly basis. As new research comes out, we find that some old ideas are wrong and discover all new methods to keep our bodies healthier for longer. Throughout the year’s many words like cholesterol, oil, and even sugar have had their meanings changed as we find that there is never a simple answer to the question “Is this thing healthy?”, as even different types of fat can have positive or negative effects on the body. One more recently emerging enemy in the media is the entire concept of frying, gaining a reputation as an extremely unhealthy way to prepare food. But could frying be good for you? Hopefully, a few examples might show how varied an art frying really is.


What Oil to Choose?

One of the main factors contributing to frying’s demonization is the use of oil. Oily foods have been considered unhealthy for a long time due to oil being connected with rising cholesterol, but this is more to do with what kind of oil you use and if you want to use oil at all. For deep-frying foods, it is not so easy to control your oils, but with a regular fry, you have a huge amount of choice. Peanut oil is much healthier than vegetable oils and adds a unique taste to your foods. Even better, olive oil. It can be hard to cook with until you get used to it, but olive oil has been shown to be not only healthier than other oils, but also has various health benefits, clearing up skin and has even been shown to strengthen the heart. There are, of course, further alternatives such as low-fat variations on regular oils.


Alternative Frying

Unfortunately, whichever oil you choose will make the food you fry in it inherently less healthy, even if the oil has its own benefits. Luckily there are many experts working on alternative ways of cooking food and so these days there is also the option of being rid of oil altogether, providing methods of frying foods without adding any extra fat to the food. Non-stick frying pans have become extremely cheap and common, providing a way to still cook many fried foods correctly without any oil at all. This sounds great at first, but this method doesn’t add nearly as much flavor to the food as when using oil, so if you’re interested in making your cooking healthier, you should get a good air fryer for healthy cooking. An air fryer is a much more advanced, standalone piece of equipment that uses technology like convection ovens to simulate frying without the use of any oil or even a frying pan. This has been shown to cut up to 80% of calories from foods that are conventionally fried, leading to a whole new set of options for cooking their favorite foods while staying healthy.


Frying foods is an extremely versatile method of cooking which is easy enough to get good at, which can encourage people to cook at home more and when combined with healthier methods of cooking, it is a brilliant way to get yourself that little bit healthier whole otherwise going about your day normally. There are certain things to look out for when frying to avoid making an unhealthy meal, but the breadth of options provided by the current world of cooking shows that even this traditionally unhealthy method can be used to benefit your life without losing much of the taste of a delicious, home-cooked meal.

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