How to Build a Better Body Image in 6 Steps

Self-esteem comes from the way you look at your talents and the way you look at your physical appearance as well. Body image comes from a complex array of entities like how tall or short you are, how fat or lean you are, and even the complexion of your skin. Many might preach that real beauty lies within and then shrug it off as an adage when it comes to self-acceptance. Building a positive body image is as critical as working on strengthening your skills. Sometimes, even without you realizing it, your negative body image might be the one culprit that is pulling you down in your life. And you might be blaming your lack of luck or lack of skills for your mediocre career and personal life!


  1. It is all about acceptance

Some people do not even realize that they have a poor body image. Some are too afraid to accept that. The first step is to observe and identify whether you have a negative perception of your body. If you do, remember that even the celebrities labeled as the ‘most attractive people’ might have phases of negative body perception.


  1. Maintain a gratitude journal

Being grateful for the things in your life can shift your perception to the more positive side of things. Make sure that you also include bits about your body or features that you are grateful for in this gratitude journal.


  1. Self-care for a better body image

You should start listening to your body and stay away from stress eating and stress shopping. These alone can greatly help improve your body positivity. Establish a pampering routine once in a while and a quick and relaxing skincare routine daily.


  1. Wear the right clothes

Stay away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ controversies. Pick clothes that you love the most and the ones that you feel the most comfortable in. Comfortable clothes build your confidence while your favorite celebrity style clothes might have you comparing yourself with that celebrity, which can again be bad for your body image.


  1. Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people

If your negative thoughts about your body come from negative people around you, it is time to keep them away. A narcissistic partner or a friend should not influence the way you perceive your physical appearance.


  1. Work out

Physical exercises are great distractions from stress and depressing thoughts. Workouts can help strengthen your self-esteem. When you work out regularly, you have something positive to focus on while also being able to stay fit and healthy.


Building a positive body image does take time. Accepting your thoughts and finding ways to focus them on the more positive things would be the way to do it.



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